Universal Reload's Services in a NutShell

Universal Reload, as mentioned, can distribute your lumber, plywood, and steel anywhere throughout North America via rail or trucking carriers. With being a division of Searcy Trucking, we have capabilities for quick local deliveries throughout Winnipeg and Manitoba.

We deal with 20+ different trucking carriers that are more than willing to help us get your shipments to their destinations on time and safely.
In order to distribute your product, Universal Reload can meet the needs for our customer by finding the proper or most convenient carrier for the job. (ie: The right person for the right job!)

For US or other regulated shipments, we have several options for Customs Brokers and have Customs/Permit forms available to you upon request.
Universal Reload is also serviced by 3 different rail carriers: Canadian National (CN), Canadian Pacific (CP), and Burlington Northern (BN) and will transport anywhere in North America (wherever the rails go!).

We have 800 lineal feet of track available and given our rail accessibilities, we can reload boxcars, centerbeams (52'-80'), flat cars, and gondolas (steel) with 3 switches per week.
Our yard, situated in the South East section of Winnipeg, MB, consists of 12 fenced acres of land. With 2 warehouses for inside storage (one 8,000 sq feet heated and another 16,000 sq feet) are available for short to long term leases.

Our reload equipment consists of 2 Volvo loaders and 2 forklifts for efficient reloading of varying weight capacities (2,000-15,000 lbs) to handle all boxcar and random length lumber. Also, we provide convenient dock level reloading.
Other services available:
   - include paper-wrapping
   - condensing (for boxcars)
   - reloading of vans
   - splitting lifts
   - yard transfers
   - snow removal

We feature 24 hour on-site security to protect your investments.
We use computerized office procedures to keep a well controlled inventory of all your stock.

We also guarantee complete confidentiality and discretion in dealing with all aspects of your orders and customer services.